2015 – Hoffman Bikes – The Countdown

Le 19 Novembre 2015, Hoffman Bikes lançait sur Youtube un compte à rebours de 43 jours, histoire de fêter le 25ème anniversaire de la marque en 2016 ! Grosso modo un petit clip par jour jusqu’à fin 2015, soit 43 vidéos, qu’avec les moments forts de ces 25 dernières années et les anecdotes qui vont bien… Si vous l’avez raté, y a option rattrapage :

. 43 – Naissance d’Hoffman Bikes

« The Countdown Has Begun. In 1991 Mat Hoffman needed a bike he could trust with his life… That’s when Hoffman Bikes and the Condor Frame were born. »

. 42 – ’92 Original Team Rider – Mat Hoffman

« Today, we celebrate Team Rider No. 1, Mat Hoffman. The OG of all the Hoffman Team OGs. Before 1991, Mat Hoffman was already pushing the limits. Starting Hoffman Bikes allowed Mat to push BMX riding and product design to a whole new level – for everyone. We thank you Mat Hoffman for being a driving force in making BMX what it is today! »

. 41 – ’92 Original Team Rider – Dave Mirra

« After Mat Hoffman started Hoffman Bikes, he recruited an inspiring team to help push BMX and product design to the next level. Mat was blown away by Dave Mirra’s talent, who at that time was one of the youngest pros competing. In late 1991, Dave Mirra joined Hoffman Bikes and his career history speaks for itself.
Dave’s natural unique riding style was a great fit with Hoffman Bikes and the Hoffman Bikes team. It’s an honor to have Dave a part of Hoffman Bikes history. »

. 40 – ’92 Original Team Rider – Steve Swope

« Steve Swope, a longtime friend and co founder of Hoffman Bikes, was by Mat Hoffman’s side when he made the decision to start Hoffman Bikes and was No. 2 in charge for many years. Steve was known for his smooth riding style. Steve has also been noted doing the first peg grinds on Vert and had the best Cherokee airs to this day.
Mat Hoffman’s right hand man has an honorary spot in Hoffman Bikes history. »

. 39 – ’92 Original Team Rider – Rick Thorne

« Today we celebrate one of the most colorful riders in BMX: Rick Thorne. Rick Thorne was from St. Louis, Mo, and great friends with legend Dennis McCoy. In the summer of 1991, Mat and Rick were doing Sprocket Jockey shows and in the middle of a show Mat said ‘Hey, yo, Thorne – you wanna ride for my new bike company, called Hoffman Bikes?’. The rest was history. That summer Rick joined Hoffman Bikes and was an HB team member for 10 years. »

. 38 – ’92 Original Team Rider – Davin Hallford

« Davin “Psycho” Hallford completes our OG Team roster. This fearless Gladiator, known for his all-out attitude and style, made an impact that helped shape what Street is today. Psycho is also known for his creative art style. He designed the original Hoffman Bikes Flaming H logo, the original Condor bike graphics and other timeless logos and graphics for Hoffman Bikes and the Bicycle Stunt Series. »

. 37 – Évolution du cadre « Condor »

« Tired of risking his life on sub-par frames, Mat Hoffman went to the drawing board in 1991 to design and build one of the best BMX frames of all time. Here we are, nearly 25 years later, and the Condor frame is one of the only BMX frames that has stood the test of time.
Just a few years ago, ESPN’s Brian Tunney listed the Condor Frame as the No. 1 most progressive signature bmx frame. “The HB Condor was the frame of choice for Mat Hoffman, Jay Miron, Dave Mirra and countless others. The Condor’s strength and modern geometry helped to push the boundaries of what was possible on a BMX bike, and countless acts of progression have been documented on the many Condor frames sold since its introduction.” – ESPN, Brian Tunney
Full Condor Evolution Edit is in the works. For now here are just a few of the Condor frames from 1991 to 2015. »

. 36 – Kevin Jones

« Today we celebrate Hoffman Bikes team rider Kevin Jones. In 1987 Mat Hoffman and Kevin Jones toured the world together on Skyway and united their passion for pushing what is possible on a bicycle. So when Kevin mentioned to Mat he wanted to design a bike that could keep up with his innovation, it was on. Kevin joined Hoffman Bikes and developed what would become Hoffman Bikes next frame. That frame became the “Big Daddy”.
Kevin Kevin is credited as the innovator of modern day flatland riding. His exploits have been well documented in the ‘Dorkin’ In York’ video series. He has had an incredible influence on flatland and all of bmx worldwide. »

. 35 – Cadre « Big Daddy »

« After joining the team In 1993, Kevin Jones got to work designing his signature frame. After months of working out the design and testing several proto-types the news frame was put into production and dubbed ‘The Big Daddy.’ Just as Kevin revolutionized modern flatland so did his frame, and is still a sought after bike to this day.
Kevin Jones signature frame “The Big Daddy” was ranked 8th in ESPN’s Twenty Progressive Signature Frames. Designed by Kevin Jones and built by Hoffman Bikes in Oklahoma City, the Big Daddy frame was HB’s first frame devoted to flatland. Shorter and more and more responsive than the Condor, with a built-in frame platform, the Big Daddy was responsible for the progression of Jones’ modern day flatland riding throughout the ‘90s as seen in the Dorkin’ In York videos series. – ESPN, Brian Tunney »

. 34 – Pubs 1992-93

« Back in the early ’90s bmxers counted on Magazines to find out what was new in the world of BMX. Back in 1992 those magazines where BmxPlus! and Ride Bmx and here are three ad’s we placed in those magazines. enjoy! »

. 33 – La fourche Superfork

« Early 1993, after breaking and bending virtually every stem and fork on the market, Mat Hoffman and Chad Herrington came up with a revolutionary design that changed how all forks and stems would be designed from that point forward. »

. 32 – Jay Miron

« Jay Miron, also known as the « Canadian Beast, » joined Hoffman Bikes in early 1993. When Jay joined the team, he left his Canadian homeland and moved to Oklahoma City to ride and work for Hoffman Bikes.
Late 1994, Jay assisted Kris Gack in the design and development of his signature frame. One of Jay’s specifications was that it had to come with a built-in bottle opener (cause he’s the Canadian Beast hockey beer guzzler!). Before HB was able to debut his signature model, he received a good offer to ride for Schwinn. Ultimately, Jay took his prototype to Schwinn (without bottle opener), which became their “custom” top tube design for years to come.
Jay’s progressive style and ability to ride anything took the Hoffman Bikes team to a whole new level. »

. 31 – Chad Harrington

« In the early 90s, a new breed of BMX rider emerged. These riders had more than BMX riding on their minds, they also pushed product design. Chad Harrington was one of those riders. Chad’s dirt jumping style, which can be seen in his breakout video part in Eddie Roman’s “Ride On” video, made waves throughout the BMX community. Chad was not only known for his riding, but was also known as product designer. After joining Hoffman bikes in late 1992, Chad put his product designs to the test by helping design several Hoffman Bikes products.
One of the well-known products Chad is known for developing would be Hoffman Bikes’ first clamp-stem, which would be later paired with the Super Forks. Chad’s time on Hoffman Bikes helped push product design to new levels, not only for Hoffman Bikes, but for the entire industry. »

. 30 – 1994 Warehouse Machine Shop

« Late 1993, Hoffman Bikes cleared out part of the warehouse and moved all outside manufacturing to in-house. Hoffman Bikes hired BMX rider/Machinist Master Kris Gack to manage the machine shop. Shortly after Kris arrived in Oklahoma, the search started for other BMXers to join. Kris found BMX riders/Weld Masters Paul Murray and Shane Kinsley. HB employee/rider Mark “Chuck D” Owen stepped up to help in the shop at that time and is still here today!
By mid 1994, Hoffman Bikes machine shop started pumping out Hoffman products like the Condor Frame, Big Daddy Frames, Bars and Forks. »

. 29 – Pubs 1994-95

« Throughout its history, Hoffman Bikes has introduced a wide range of innovative frames, forks, hubs, pegs and more that revolutionized the BMX product world. HB Team members weren’t only riders but they contributed with ideas and tested the product. BMX progressed beyond the bikes of the previous era and Hoffman was at the forefront of innovation. Bmxers couldn’t wait to get the next print magazine to see what new innovative part Hoffman Bikes was about to release. »

. 28 – Catalogue 1995

« In 1995, Hoffman Bikes published its 2nd full product catalog. By this time, Hoffman Bikes offered a full range of Frames, Forks, Bars, Pegs, Hubs and introduced its first entry-level complete bike and mid-level complete bike. »

. 27 – Simon Tabron

« Simon Tabron, from the UK, was one of Hoffman Bikes first international riders. In 1992, Simon made the trip to the Arizona Bicycle Stunt (BS) contest. While there, Mat gave Simon a Hoffman Bikes shirt. After returning to England, Simon called up Mat to see if he could ride for HB and Mat said hell yes! Simon rode for Hoffman Bikes until 1994.
It was a great honor to have Simon a part of the HB family and the long list of elite riders who still influence BMX as we know today. »

. 26 – Vidéo « Madd Matt »

« Videos today are much different form videos in the early 90s. Today, almost everyone has access to a video camera of some sort, but in the early 90s, video recorders were expensive and only a handful of BMXers could afford one.
In 1994, Mat Hoffman hired Mark Eaton to record and produce the first Hoffman Bikes full length team video. Over the course of nearly a year of recording, Madd Matt was release in mid-1995. Madd Matt became one of the most anticipated team videos. The Hoffman Bikes team at the time featured many of the top BMX riders: Mat Hoffman, Jay Miron, Taj Mihelich, Day Smith, Rick Thorne, Steve Swope, Mark Owen, Dave Brumlow, Rob Sigaty and James White. »

. 25 – Achim Kujawski

« Only a handful of riders spend their entire careers on one team. Hoffman Bikes has had the privilege of having several. One of these riders is Hoffman Bikes German rider Achim Kujawski.
Achim started riding for Hoffman bikes in 1993 and continued until he stopped competing on a professional level in 2007. Achim dedicated nearly 15 years to Hoffman Bikes and there are no words to express how much we appreciate Achim and for all he has done and still does to promote and grow Hoffman Bikes in Germany. »

. 24 – Catalogue 1997

« In 1997, when seat posts reached new heights, Hoffman Bikes released its 3rd full product catalog, introducing several new goodies. The Flash frame and fork kit, Light Bars, Low Drag Bars, Day Smith Loc’ed pegs and the Mat Hoffman Boks shoes. For the 1997 product line, we also released updated Super Forks and Love Handle bars. See photos of Steve Swope, Day Smith, Rick Thorne, Mike Escamilla, Taj Mihelich, Matt Gibson, Mark Owen and Mat Hoffman testing it all out and the infamous quadruple hat stack by Mike “Big Island” Castillo while taking orders. EXTREEM! »

. 23 – Mike « Rooftop » Escamilla

« Mat Hoffman first met Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla at one of the original BS contests in OKC in 1994, where he earned his nickname. The legend goes, Mike was a young kid who talked the whole long drive from California, so he almost got strapped to the roof of the car if he didn’t shut up. Unbeknownst to his fellow passengers, he would redefine that name with his legacy of original style and innovation that would make our sport greater.
By late 1995, Mike Escamilla and Hoffman Bikes joined forces. Mike blazed his own path and showed that you don’t have to do the same tricks as everyone and inspired originality. Mike is also known for doing some of the first big gaps. In December 1995, he scored his first interview and cover on his first Hoffman Bike doing the roof to flat gap in issue 19 of Ride BMX.
Mike was always looking for new equipment that could help him advance his riding. During Mike’s years with Hoffman Bikes, we produced several proto-types for him. One of those designs was this custom bashguard added to his bike, seen below.
Hoffman Bikes always had different outlooks on BMX and Mike had the same approach to riding, which helped make Hoffman Bikes what it is. »

. 22 – Hoffman Bikes Park

« In early 1993, Mat Hoffman needed a place to host Round 3 of the Bicycle Stunt (BS) contest, so he decided to use some of the unused land behind the Hoffman Bikes warehouse to build a bike park. The park offered a pro-level flatland area, park course, vert ramp and, even, Mat’s first 21’ tall quarter pipe.
In addition to innovative product, Hoffman Bikes was one of the first companies to invest in BMX by having a contest series and a park. The Hoffman Bikes park became a template for future parks that would open in the mid-to-late 90s.
The Hoffman Bikes park was open to the public and became a must stop for all BMXers worldwide. The park stayed open until late 1995, right before Hoffman Bikes moved to a new location where the new indoor private Secret Ninja Ramp and park was built. »

. 21 – Pubs 1997-99

« What do Evel Knievel, Taj Mihelich, Chad Kagy, Rick Thorne, Joe “Butcher” Kowalski, Day Smith, UPS, Mark Owen, the SD-4 Complete Bike and Joey Z all have in common? They are all featured in Hoffman Bikes ads from years 1997 to 1999. »

. 20 – Moyeu « Gack » 14 mm

« When the use of pegs on ramps and street was on the rise in the late 80s and the early 90s, the issue with ⅜” axles bending and breaking became an epidemic. Even though companies used better materials, like chromoly axles, the issues continued. Kris Gack, Hoffman Bikes shop master had the solution. Kris first approached Mat at the 1993 Thrasherland BS Contest with this new hub/axle design that would solve the ⅜” axle issues.
After joining forces in late 1993, Kris Gack and Hoffman Bikes put these designs to the test. After months of testing and without issues, in 1994, Hoffman Bikes released the industry’s first 14mm Axle hubs called “Gack Hubs.” Hoffman Bikes Gack Hubs became the biggest thing since chromoly tubing. With ⅜” axles still the industry standard, Hoffman Bikes took the lead and started designing and producing frames, forks, pegs and chain tensioners that would accept the 14mm Axles.
It did not take long for other brands to follow and start offering products to accept the new 14mm Axle. Now it’s the industry standard. »

. 19 – Taj Mihelich

« What do you think of when you think of Taj Mihelich? Style. Taj re defined supermans, tailwhips and everything else he did. He was a Game Changer to style. Taj brought something new to the bmx that Bmx really needed. He made riding an art. His unique style of riding brought a whole new era of stylecats. More known for trails riding, Taj quickly made his mark in the park, street and, yes, even the vert scene.
It’s an honor, to say Taj was a Hoffman Bikes Team Rider.. »

. 18 – Catalogue 1998

« During the summer of 1998, Hoffman Bikes introduced a wide range of new products and several additions to the Hoffman Bikes team. That summer, Hoffman Bikes added new heavy hitters; Chad Kagy, Dave Young, Jon Taylor, Eduardo Terreros, Clint Millar, Dan Price, Chris Stuaffer, Paul Bailey and the Legend Evel Knievel.
We also introduced a new range of complete bikes, which featured; George jr., George (entry-level complete bikes, also Mat’s cat’s name) and the Deebo and lil Deebo (our street machine, also Mat’s dogs name) along with the introduction of the new EP Flatland complete bike, the Flash XL complete bike and the Limited Edition Evel Knievel complete bike and frame kit.
We also launched Exhibit Clothing and expanded our aftermarket parts line with the addition of the Chocolate Bars, Low Drag2 Bars and the groundbreaking 120psi Skid Mark Tires, just to name a few.
The 1998 Summer catalog also featured articles and ads, including the Joey Zampella Rocks Ad, fan letters, Mat Hoffman’s My Truckers Dream story, a BS 1998 Contest update, Mike Escamilla blasting out of a hip and Joe “Butcher” Kowalski grabbing some steez with a fakie wall plant. »

. 17 – Cadre « Taj Mihelich Signature »

« After joining the Hoffman Bikes team, Taj Mihelich immediately started on his Signature frame. The “Taj” became the 3rd signature frame in the Hoffman Bikes product line. At that time, there were very few Dirt-specific frames on the market, much less, any that pushed the market. Taj and Hoffman Bikes changed that.
Taj, along with the HB machine shop crew, worked long and hard to produce numerous proto-types. The final result was one of the best Dirt frames ever designed. The original design can still be seen in modern day frames and recently received the No. 3 spot in ESPN’s Top 20 progressive signature bmx frames of all time.
Not only did the frame itself gain the attention by the industry, but the graphics also took graphics to a new level. Taj’s name became the acronym for many of the sayings on the decals, for example: Totally Awesome Jumper, Tasty Alligator Jelly and more. Along with product innovation, bad humor and self entertainment is one of our great talents at Hoffman Bikes. »

. 16 – Chad Kagy

« Today, we celebrate one of the most well-rounded Dirt, Street/Park, Vert and Big Air riders: Chad Kagy. In 1997, Chad Kagy drove down to the B.S. finals in Seal Beach, CA. Anticipating to compete in the Amateur class, Chad found out he was too late to enter. So, wanting to ride, he borrowed the extra $25 and competed in the Pro class – Best borrowed $25 ever! After taking 6th place in his first pro street competition and having a vert session with Mat Hoffman, Mat asked Chad if he would like to join the Hoffman Bikes team.
In 2000, Mat offered Chad a signature frame. Chad immediately got to work and offered the Hoffman Bikes design team his ideal bike. After a few proto-types and name suggestions, Chad Kagy’s signature frame the ”Kagy” was released. In 2001, The Kagy Star and Pro Series complete bike, along with aftermarket frame, was available worldwide. »

. 15 – Day Smith

« In the late ‘80s, Kevin Jones revolutionized Flatland riding. In the early ‘90s, Jones and a select few took what he started and pushed Flatland to years ahead. One of those riders was Day Smith.
In late 1993, Day Smith and a few other southern California flatlanders packed up and headed to the 3rd round of the B.S Contest in Oklahoma City. Day Smith competed in Oklahoma City and scored a 2nd place win. Day’s riding style was a style that Mat Hoffman knew needed to be a part of Hoffman Bikes. Shortly after he received his 2nd place trophy, Mat asked Day to join the Hoffman Bikes team.
For more than a decade, Day road for Hoffman Bikes. He continued to pushed the flatland limits and, to this day, pushes Flatland riding to new levels. Day’s sections in Madd Matt, Until Monkey’s Fly and Testimony are still 3 of the best flatland video parts of all time.
Day Smith also contributed to improving and designing Flatland-specific parts. In late 1994, he worked with Kris Gack to design a new Flatland-specific peg. This design became the Day Smith “Loc” Peg; one of the most sought after and best-selling Hoffman Bikes pegs. »

. 14 – Pubs 2000-05

« Hoffman Bikes leapt into the 2000s with visions of even more world domination. From years 2000 to 2005, Hoffman Bikes pushed BMX products and team innovation to the edge. No other brand had a team as diverse as Hoffman Bikes, covering every aspect: Vert, Park/Street, Dirt, Flatland and even Racing. Not only did Hoffman Bikes produce cutting edge products, but it also had the most cutting edge team. Here are just a few of the ads that featured those products and team riders from the years 2000 to 2005. »

. 13 – Love Handles Bar

« Mat was going through bars daily and needed something that was indestructible, so late one night back in 1994, welder Shane Kinsley was welding up some some Hoffman products when a design popped into his head. Like a mad scientist, he took some Big Daddy fork legs, seat post and a few other chromoly pieces and started cutting and welding away. After hours of continuous work, he appeared with a new handle bar concept. These bars used larger diameter uprights and crossbars and featured removable grip-ends that could be replaced if bent.
Shane welded up a few proto-types for several of the Hoffman riders to test. After some design tweaks and gaining attention with other bmxers, The new Hoffman Bikes handle bar design was named “Love Handles” and added to the Hoffman Bikes production line in the summer of 1995. The Love Handle Bars’ unique 10pcs design became one of those products that everyone wanted and needed.
Over the course of several years, the Love Handles got fatter with additions of gussets and 1” Grip-ends. After gaining too much weight, the Love Handles were retired after the 2002 product year. It’s now evolved into the Low Drag and re released in 2015 as the Low Drag 4.3. To this day, Shane’s design still is revered as one of the best handle bar designs. »

. 12 – Bruce Crisman

« In 2000, Bruce Crisman exploded on to the BMX scene. From the years 2000 to 2002, Bruce dominated the contest scene with multiple 1st place wins in the Crazy Freakin’ Bikers (CFB) Series and earned a Gold medal at the X Games. Late 2002, Seth Kimbrough talked to Mat about adding Bruce to our team.
In early 2003, Hoffman Bikes welcomed Bruce Crisman to the team. Bruce’s riding kept progressing and innovating. Bruce was one of the earliest adopters to the brakeless crew. He pushed the limits and never stopped progressing, becoming one of the great influences who shaped BMX Street and Park riding with his unique style. »

. 11 – Joe “Butcher” Kowalski

« The late 90’s ushered in a new breed of street rider. With product designs stronger, it allowed riders to progress street riding to a whole new level. In Bethlehem, PA, there were a small group of these riders and Joe “Butcher” Kowalski was one of them.
Joe, like others in the Bethlehem, PA crew, did not just focus on street, but was also known to put time in at the trails. It did not matter what Joe touched, he destroyed it. Joe pushed street riding to and over the edge at times, being noted as one of the first to do variation grinds, like the barspin grinds and perfecting other street variations like crack flips in and out of grinds, mega drops, grinding on both sides. Joe was also one of the first to bring his street/trails knowledge to the competition arena, helping shape how riders compete in contests. From CFBs to X Games, the way riders looked at runs changed.
In 1996, Joe brought his influence to the Hoffman Bikes team and also helped shape new product designs, which led to his Butcher Signature Frame and Pro Level complete bike. What an honor to have such an influential rider representing Hoffman Bikes and family for life. »

. 10 – Interview Evel Knievel

« One of Mat’s inspirations growing up was Evel Knievel. We all can agree that Evel was a pioneer and paved the way for everyone in action sports. After meeting Evel Knievel in 1996, Mat and Evel became great friends.
In 1997, Mat wanted to pay homage to this legend by producing one-of-a-kind limited edition Evel Knievel complete bikes and framesets. In 1998, Hoffman Bikes introduced the first of 2 models. The first Evel Knievel complete bike and frameset was released in 1998. It featured a unique frame design with a decal set to match. Hoffman Bikes also paid tribute to Evel Knievel in the 1998 X Games by providing the 1998 team with special Evel Knievel inspired team jerseys and custom frames, painted white with Evel Knievel decals.
In 1999, Hoffman Bikes released the 2nd edition Evel Knievel complete bike and frameset to honor his Wembley Stadium jump. The Wembley Stadium limited edition release featured a new frame design along with a decal and colorway that represented Evel Knievel and the UK. »

. 09 – Leif Valin

« Leif Valin is a unique individual. He has the strongest hands in the world and will crush your kneecap like a twig. Leif has a great sense of humor – very dry, but very witty. He is also a very original and creative Flatlander. Leif is a good individual just trying to make it in life, being happy and riding his bike the best he can. – Leigh Ramsdell 2001
We think Leigh hit the nail on the head with that statement. Leif is and will be one of the most unique riders to ride for Hoffman Bikes. His passion for riding the brand and the product is next to none. His influence in Flatland can be seen in great videos like Wheelies, Balancing Act and Until Monkeys Fly, just to name a few. Leif’s contribution to Hoffman Bikes surpasses just riding for the team. Leif helped with the development of multiple products like the EP frame, adjustable 990 mounts, Rotator Tire, Forks and ensured that there was enough bad humor for everyone. »

. 08 – Brad Simms

« In early 2006, Will Stroud and Chad Shackleford sent us a message telling us about this rider from Maryland who just dropped one of the best edits of all time and would be a great fit for Hoffman Bikes. So, we clicked the play button and was instantly blown away. This rider was Brad Simms and within minutes we were asking for Brad’s contact info.
A few days later, Hoffman Bikes added Brad Simms to team. Before joining Hoffman Bikes, Brad had already started blazing his own path, He was one of the new school Street riders who led with innovation. Brad’s capability to hop higher and grind further set him apart from the rest and was a great fit for Hoffman Bikes.
Shortly after joining the team, Brad got started filming for his section in the next Hoffman Bikes team video “Broke Off.” After its release, Brad’s popularity skyrocketed. In late 2008, Brad started working on his signature frame and after several designs, Hoffman Bikes released the “B-Rad” Frame in late 2009.
Not many brands can say they truly had a Bad Ass on their team. Mad respect to Brad Simms. »

. 07 – Kevin Robinson

« Kevin Robinson may be from the smallest state in the US (Rhode Island), but his loyalty to Hoffman Bikes surpasses any boundaries.
In late 1992, Kevin Robinson was a rookie pro and showed up to the BS (Bicycle Stunt) contest in Chicago, IL, on a mission. Kevin showed up on a Condor frame, ready to ride. His high airs, 540s, variations and close landing of a 900, scored him 4th place. In 1993, he committed himself to Hoffman Bikes and from that point went from rider to instant family.
Kevin’s career with Hoffman Bikes is nearly 24 years strong and it is a great honor to be able to say Hoffman Bikes and our products have been a part of his great career. FAMILY! »

. 06 – Vélos Complets

« From Hoffman Bikes first production in 1992 to 2015, complete bikes have always been a staple item in the Hoffman Bikes product line. In early 1992, the Condor complete bike was introduced. From that point on, many complete bikes followed. Over the course of 24 years, Hoffman Bikes has introduced more than 100 complete bike models. We offered everything from entry level to pro-level complete bikes, which our team rode. The complete bike specs can speak for themselves, but there are those times when a name can help. We have always been know to have product names that have underlying meanings and this made Hoffman products stand out.
Today we pay homage to those groundbreaking complete bikes like: Condor, Big Daddy, Taj, The Egg, Sugar Baby, George, Flash, SD-4, EP, Deebo, Flow, Dirt Merchant, Cirrus, Aggroman, Evil Ninja, just to name a few. »

. 05 – Art Thomason

« Art Thomason’s smooth and consistent riding styles and a passion to be the best he can be landed him a spot on the Hoffman Bikes team back in 2002. It didn’t hurt that he continued to claim his spot at the top with fellow flatland masters, Trevor Meyer, Day Smith, Nathan Penonzek, Leif Valin and Matt Wilhelm just to name a few.
Art’s passion for the sport is so great that he dedicated a portion of his backyard to a 40×40 cement pad. He continues to support Hoffman Bikes, rides daily and even hits up several competitions a year while holding a full time job with NASA.
Art’s passion and dedication is Hoffman Bikes. Thanks for your years of support Art! »

. 04 – Sebastian « Bas » Keep

« Plucked up by Stuart Dawkins from Seventies (HB UK Distributor at the time), we knew that Sebastian “Bas” Keep was going to be something great. In early 2001, Seventies added Sebastian to the Hoffman Bikes UK team.
From an early age, Sebastian’s riding set him apart from everyone else. When he put his mind to it, Sebastian did it, regardless if it was Dirt, Street, Vert, Mega Ramps or taking a hike out to the middle of nowhere to create something never thought of before and set records using a mountain as a huge dirt quarter-pipe. This is just one of the many things that would have never happened in BMX without Bas.
Sebastian is what Hoffman Bikes is. Doing what you love and doing it on your own terms. It is a true honor to be able to have Sebastian Keep’s name etched in the long list of riders who made Hoffman Bikes what it is. »

. 03 – Couvertures de Magazines (BMXicos inside, héhé…)

« For a brand or rider to earn a cover shot on a printed magazine is an achievement in itself. Over the course of nearly 25 years, Hoffman Bikes product and team riders have raked up an impressive 48 magazine covers that span across a multitude of magazines like RideBMX, Ride UK, Bmx Plus, Freedom Bmx, Dig Magazine and more. Printed magazines falling victim to the digital era makes the 48 covers that much more special.
Head over to hoffmanbikes.com and take a walk down memory lane and enjoy Bmx Magazine covers that feature Hoffman Bikes products and riders like Mat Hoffman, Kevin Robinson, Dave Mirra, Jay Miron, Mike Escamilla, Taj Mihelich, Joe “Butcher” Kowalski, Day Smith and Davin “Psycho” Hallford, just to name a few. »

. 02 – Seth Kimbrough

« Today, we celebrate one of the most influential BMX street riders ever: Seth Kimbrough.
August 1998, Seth and a group of friends piled in a car and made the trip to Oceanside, CA, for the BS (Bicycle Stunt) Contest. Little did Hoffman Bikes know that this young BMX rider from Hartselle, AL, would be one of Hoffman Bikes iconic riders. Less than one week after that contest, Mike “Big Island” Castillo got the thumbs up to call Seth to see if he would like to join the team. Needless to say, there was a package shipped that day. Since then, Seth continues to push himself and Hoffman Bikes to be the best. May it be riding, filming and designing products like the 2002 “Instrument” frame and the current “Bama” frame, fork and bars line.
Seth is a one-of-a-kind rider. His ability to look at an obstacle, something simple like a curb, and turn it into a video part was unheard of. Here we are 17 years, 3 months and roughly 28 days later, Seth’s passion and his drive continues make him who he was, is and will be. What more can we say.. Truly Honored! »

. 01 – Team Edit

« Over the course of 25 years, many of the legendary riders called Hoffman Bikes home at one point in their riding careers. Riders like Taj Mihelich, Dave Mirra, Jay Miron, Kevin Jones and Joe “Butcher” Kowalski, just to name a few. It has been an honor to have so many great, talented riders ride for Hoffman Bikes. Only a handful of companies have been around as long as Hoffman Bikes. To be able to say that many of the legends today rode for Hoffman Bikes is astonishing.
Since the original 1991 team (Mat Hoffman, Dave Mirra, Rick Thorne, Steve Swope and Davin Hallford), Hoffman Bikes has sponsored 113 plus riders and employed over 30 awesome people. It’s an honor to have so many riders represent and ride our products and to have employees who put their heart and soul into making the Hoffman Bikes dream come true.
With that we leave you with this one hell of a Hoffman Bikes team video which highlights over 70 Hoffman Bike riders of the past 24 years. »




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